i need a soldier

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cheers to the weekend!

school is back in full force, and oh buddy, it is relentless.

To wind down and get my mind to stop thinking about theories and numbers, I plan to spend my weekend thrifting for an awesome army jacket.  These beauties are starting to pop up all over the place, and it wouldn’t surprise me if I came across these during NYFW.  Though places like asostopshop and zara are offering us the chic jackets, I’m pretty sure we can find other cheaper alternatives in a heap of used clothing somewhere in Goodwill!

If Goodwill isn’t catering to your thrifting needs, try my Plan B- look through Ebay and find a camo shirt in either boys big sizes or mens small for that oversized feel.

happy hunting!

xo, Marcela

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this is what dreams are made of

this is what dreams are made of
sometimes, you just have to dream a little.
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I’m a brat, I’m a selfish punk, I really should be smacked

   Lets ignore the long absence and jump right into the stellar outfits.  Thats right, outfits-plural, because I have a fashionista buddy!  Introducing Derek, my Kirk to my Annie (wearitbothways.tumblr.com)

Dip dye has been my latest obsession, and its something easy to DIY as well.  Get ready because…the shirt below was thrifted and DIY’ed.  While you pick up jaw off the floor, let me explain the super difficult process.

1.  thrift a shirt

2.  getcha self some bleach

3.  find a cheap bucket and fill it with the bleach

4.  dip the thrifted shirt into the bucket and let it rest for 3 minutes

5.  wash and wear-repeatedly

Now wipe the sweat off your eyebrow because it was crazy complicated and enjoy our own version of wear it both ways!

Shorts: Old Navy (now on sale for $10!), Top: Thrifted & DIY’ed, Sandals: Old Navy

Be sure to check out Dereks blog! fromshoestospecs.blogspot.com!!!

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Wishlist Wed: Ignoring the Real

Wishlist Wed: Ignoring the Real
You know who loves shopping?
This girl.
You know who is completely broke?
THIS girl.
The sad truth has come to light, I make up countless outfits using items that are way out of my budget (some of my recent daydreams include this and this) but I recently found a solution to this horrible way of self destruction.
Splurge vs. Save options!
Take a gander at the options above, the cheaper items aren’t that different than the expensive version.  For a college girl who loves clothes too much for her own good, this is like a gift sent from heaven.
Research into the item you want and try to find a dupe, no one will ever know the difference :]
xo, Marcela
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Let’s Get Away!

Another day in Lisbon gave me a chance to explore smaller villages outside of the city.

I decided to try out a maxi skirt for the day and am glad I did. It was the perfect garment for commuting to these villages. The weather was also on my side as there was just enough of a slight breeze throughout the day to help with the flow of my skirt.

Definitely a big shout out to my partner in crime, Marcela, for the shoulder bag I used through out the day! The pop of orange brought out the colors in my skirt and brightened up my outfit.


Lisbon was a wonderful city and I definitely will come back some point in my life!

Stay Sassy!


Find Your Dreams Come True

Okay, so I know it has been a while since we have posted an outfit for the day (my apologies) but it’s time to start the summer series of posts!

So I am currently out of the country studying abroad to my adventure in Spain (still cannot believe this is happening!!). But my journey there has included a little pit stop in Lisbon, Portugal!

Photo by Tavonga Siyavora

My first day here has consisted of sightseeing with my family. We decided to discover the city for ourselves and I knew this would mean I needed to be comfortable! I didn’t want my outfit to scream TOURIST so I made sure to dress up my  Urban Outfitters sneaks by pairing them with my blush lace blazer and burnt rose shorts.

Photo by Tavonga Siyavora

All in all the day was successful. I frolicked throughout the streets of Lisbon without looking out of place but had an outfit which was picture perfect ready!

Photo by Tavonga Siyavora

Photo by Tavonga Siyavora

Stay Sassy,


wishlist wed: summer whites

wishlist wed: summer whites

happy first day of summer!

Eventhough I will always be an advocate for an all black outfit, I must admit that wearing dark colors during these months makes me sweat (literally).  So for todays wishlist I focused on whites, and whats even better is that these pieces can be worn during any season.

xo, marcela

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wishlist wed- update my closet

wishlist wed- update my closet

There has been a drought in my closet! haven’t been shopping in what feels like forever so todays wishlist wednesday is what my closet needs- go to outfits for any occasion!

Crochet dresses are a must for the summer (have my eye on this LC for kohl’s one!) but i added some funkiness with the boat shoe trend.

Every girl needs a modern dress reserved for sassy events and the Alexander Wang dress is calling me.  Paired with those super cute and super cheap Zara sandals and neon accents, this outfit just screams my name right?

The $50 BB Dakota dress is perfect for summer dates (with friends or your significant other!).  I chose the nude heels to elongate the leg and stand out accessories to keep the look interesting.

what do you need in your closet right now?  xo, Marcela

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