Late Registration


Hello world!  Sorry for the slow start, but getting back into the groove of school as been unexpectedly tough but we vow to update regularly 🙂

But now, it’s turn to show you my style.  For me, this blog is serving as a “breakouttamycomfortzone” exercise.  I also love fashion…I mean I really do.  My life consists of 1/2 school + work, 1/4 fashion stalking, 1/4 sleep, work, grubbing.  But attending a Arizona university…well it can be a bit challenging and intimidating to wear certain items without being stared at and/or sweating like a mofo.  So here we goooo…

Today I went bold- tribal print shorts, statement neckalce with a pop of color! BAM! It was my way of making sure my teacher jotted down my attendance.  I threw on a jean jacket for a chilly classrom setting as well. you all should be warned though- I have no defined style so expect 180 degrees style transitions.

And there you have it!  Tommorow I introduce you all to Wishlist Wednesday (aka to excuse to browse the fashion world for hours)

Stay Stylin’

xo, Marcela


One thought on “Late Registration

  1. Emily says:

    You look pretty and I like your necklace 🙂

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