Wishlist Wednesday

And so it begins!

Let me introduce you to Wishlist Wednesday where Sunny and I will alternate sharing with you the things we are currently drooling over.  In my case, I know that this segment will my favorite because I will get to justify my fashion lust 🙂  Today, the List consists of just shoes but oh my the shoes! Fall is definitely my favorite time to dress for and I plan on going into fall with my best foot forward.

1.  Chain strap flats:  OH MAH GAWD. these flats.  If I had a few spare hundreds lying in my back pocket I would’ve purchased them a looong time ago.  They are just so perfect and so me!  The color of these Chloé flats is beautiful and the chain gives them a superb edge. I have considered DIY-ing them but I have yet to find the perfect flat in my price range (insert wailing sound here).  Like Rosie, I would strut these with a midi skirt but in a red color and I’d add a denim shirt.

2.  Wedge booties:  now in college it can be a little frightning to wear heels to class but these booties have the perfect heel height for school.  Plus they don’t make that awkward clacking noise heels do so they are stylish-y subtle.  I would rock them with my Tucker dress from Target, with a belted chunky knit sweater over it.  Add some tights and I’ll be out the door!

3.  Leopard print:  these loafers have been on my mind since like forever and I have been close to buying them many a times.  But as a college girl on a budget, I always end up thinking about my other expenses…When I eventually purchase them I can see myself wearing them casually like Miley here (link) or giving them an edge by pairing it with my union jack tank, dark wash jeans and my army jacket.

4.  Oxfords:  these cheap oxfords I spotted at Target will probably be the first shoes I will buy in order to welcome Fall.  For the price, these pretties will be a great addition to my closet.  I forsee myself working them with this Delia’s skirt I bought recently for $10 (!!! score !!!), a pale pink sleeveless button down blouse and a jean jacket. 

Stay Stylin’



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