Make Up Your Mind.

I mean please.  We have been experiencing some wacky weather here at school for the past week.  Some days it’s so hot I attack almost every water fountain, the next it’s too cloudy and rainy to wear sandals.  If it could stay groggy and cool that’d be absoultely fine by me (did I mention I own more fall clothes than summer clothes?)  But until then, I’ll just be on the look out for whenever I can wear a long sleeved blouse without bursting into flames.  This denim shirt was $3 at Wal-Mart awhile back and I cannot wait to pair with any type of bottoms I own, it truly is a staple.  The shorts were thrifted and distsressed by me and the boots are Old Navy from 2 years ago.  Fall please come faster! 

Stay Stylin’

xo, Marcela


One thought on “Make Up Your Mind.

  1. […] it turned out pretty well ehh?  The coat and boots are from Old Navy, denim shirt (also worn here) is from Wal-Mart, skirt from Delia’s.  My fave item of today was my striped sweater from […]

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