Wishlist Wed-Love on Top!

Beyoncés album 4 is constantly in repeat in my room guys.  Like in all seriousness, it’s soooo good! So lately I feel as though I am always referring to it hence the title on this blogspot.  But for my wishlist wed. I really giving all my love to the top half of my body.  I’m talking jackets, blazers and long sleeves!  Can I get an amen that we get to finally look at them without being ridiculous?  Winter better be prepared for my style this year….


This american eagle blazer is just calling my name…and I’m 2 paychecks away from responding.  The leather trimming makes my heart ache, it’s so fabulous.  Since it is a blazer (a closet staple and must), I’m not being so whiny about the price.  I have so many outfit possibilities, I’m not gonna trouble you guys with them all.

Now I’m not necessarily into sparkles and glitter, but when I stumbled upon this express sweatshirt, I was smitten.  Sequins can be intimating to wear during the day, but I believe that if I wear it with loose jeans and rugged boots, I’ll shine (pun intended).

Recently I’ve had this overwhelming need for something tweed or boucle.  I have no idea where it came from, but as if the Fashion Gods heard my prayers they directed me towards this Gap jacket.  And hold the Alexander Wang purse, it’s on sale?!?!  I went to my local mall and had the opportunity to try it on, and it was glorious.  The leather collar was exquisite and it added some much needed youth to the jacket.  Throw on a basic white tee, destroyed jeans and cheetah print flats to look classic and chic.


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