Na Na Na Come On!

Rihanna’s S&M was on repeat throughout my day today.  Wearing these sassy leather (or I guess pleather) shorts made me feel confident and just full of sass.  I had been wanting some for the longest time (see earlier ramblings) but I did not want to pay over $50 for them.  One day I was cruising by JC Penney when I saw these Olsenboye shorts and they were…wait for it…SALE!  I was quick to snatch them up and it was finally cool enough for me to wear them outside.  I’ll be honest-they were a little intimating to wear, but I realized that if I want to wear something, I’ll do so with confidence!


I wore them with a nice simple old navy knit and added some pizzazz with this statement necklace.  I cannot wait to layer them with other countless options come heavy duty winter.


Oh! And I special shout-out for my sissy who played paparazzi today!

Doesn’t she look good? ( takes after her older sister :] )


Stay Stylin’

xo, Marcela


One thought on “Na Na Na Come On!

  1. […] in my outfit.  Confidence is key.  I vow to wear what I want when I want, which heads us to the leather shorts today.  I had worn them once before and decided it was time to show them to campus. #gallery-1 { […]

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