Stronger Than Me

Wearing this outfit whilst walking my pup today made me feel so parisian chic- I had a quick flash of me in Paris, a tea in hand while Amy Winehouse plays in the cafés I pass by.  Then I realized I was back at home in Phoenix…and just like that my strut came to a halt.  Alas! I am not in Paris, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t dress like I’m not.

I had to stop taking pictures with my dog because he was being a diva, they are impossible to work with.  But back to my outfit!  When colored denim first re-surfaced as a fashion trend I was a bit skeptical.  With my height (I’m quite short) I believe that bright colored jeans can make me look a little stout.  So I compromised with these dark red ones from JC Penney.  They were fairly inexpensive and surprisingly easy to wear.  Paired with this super cozy infinity scarf I bought at Old Navy this past weekend, Kohl’s cheetah print flats and my go-to jean jacket, this look was perfect for an Arizona chill.  What are you guys wearing?

xo, Marcela


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