All they wanna do is take pics!

Ahhh so my African adventure has come to an end and I am back on American soil. Over my winter break I went to Zimbabwe and South Africa where it was summer time! I made sure to capture  a number of outfits. This first outfit was from the first week I was in Zimbabwe. I had bough this necklace from Nordstorm Rack for $6 dollars before I had left and I could not wait to wear it. I made sure to incorporate it in some of my outfits while I was walking the streets of Harare, Zimbabwe. On this day I paired it with my AE tank and Old Navy bottoms, and sandals from DSW (my guilty pleasure).











In this second outfit I was in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, rocking the necklace again! I could not resist! I added a fun element with this funky shirt from Delias!



In my trip to Africa I escaped to Cape Town, South Africa for a couple of days. Cape Town is such a beautiful place, I would suggest anyone to go there and experience the most southern tip of Africa! But anyways, in this trip I wore my first maxi skirt ever! Don’t know why  I have been avoiding them! They’re comfortable and cute! I got this particular maxi skirt at TJ Maxx before I left! Since it was winter here all the summer items were on sale and I had a good steal and got it for $10 yay!







My African adventure was a blast! Now it’s back to school! Hope your Holidays were fabulous!

Stay Sassy!



One thought on “All they wanna do is take pics!

  1. […] so the last time I wore my lace maxi skirt I was in Africa and it was summer! Tucson has been a bit toasty these past couple of […]

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