they’ve got private lawns and private parks

I’m back!  I’ve been a little MIA with my outfit posts here on TMSF (doesn’t it sound important abbreviated?) and it had nothing to do with laziness (well…maybe a teeny bit).  I’ve been suffering from “what-in-the-heck! i-have-nothing-to-wear! syndrome”.  Yes, even a stylish girl like myself can get stuck in a (fashion) rut.  It’s a horrible illness that can only but cured by spending hours browsing the web looking for some sah-weet inspiration.

It was a peculiar day today, being that the high was a nice 60 degrees, so I knew I had to dress accordingly.  I decided to belt a cozy Old Navy sweater over a $7 maxi dress I got at Urban two weeks back.  I was super excited about that purchase because I knew I could get a very nice cost per wear out of it.  I can wear it with a jean jacket for cool days, and I can wear with a fedora over the summer.

What’s a great cost per wear item you have?

xo, Marcela


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