Four Ways on a Friday: Take me on a trip, I’d like to go someday!

Four Ways On a Friday: Travel Edition

Hey Everyone!

So recently traveling has been on my mind so I decided to do a Four Ways on a Friday: Travel Edition! Anyone would agree that it is important to be comfortable when traveling but don’t forget to be fashionable. From what I’ve seen in all of my traveling adventures people are sometimes too comfortable (pj’s and a sweatshirt) or a bit overdressed (heels and a fancy dress). Why not just meet and in the middle and have the best of both worlds. I recently traveled with harem pants and loved it! So I decided to use a similar pant as inspiration for my Four Ways on a Friday!  What is a travel must for you?

Stay Sassy!



wishlist wed: summer jewels

summer jewels

accessories are crucial during the summer, because unlike clothing, they don’t cause much discomfort in the sun.  invest in colorful pieces that can take your outfit to another level, and remember to have fun with them!

xo, marcela

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Spaz- Four Ways on a Friday

It’s been years… and I apologize! But I’m back, it’s summer time, and there is much to post! But anyways, the other day I was doing errands and took a pit stop to cruise around the mall (aka I couldn’t resist temptation and had to look for potential purchases). I’ve always been about the patterns, whether making a statement or mixing them, I’m all about it. For this weeks four ways I wanted to have a variety of ways to rock the patterns. It can be either sassy shorts or subtle shoes to a funky purse. Find whatever feels comfortable and WORK!
 Stay Sassy!
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Wishlist Wed: Summer Sandal

TMSF: Summer Sandal

 Although these ankle strap sandals look a little painful, I can’t get them out of my head!  I was over the moon when Steve Madden introduced the nude sandals (top right), they are a pretty close match to the Giuseppe ones.
For ladies with shorter legs (aka me), try looking for thin ankle straps as they prevent making your legs look stumpy.
xo, Marcela
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summasummasumma time

school is over and summer is here! aren’t we all glad that finals have finally disappeared?  I sure am, and I’m planning on getting a nice tan to celebrate.

These pictures were taken while school was still in session and don’t worry, no trains were coming my way :]

I consider this maxi skirt to be quite the scandal, with the slit and all, but I decided to own it along with the turban (my favorite summer accessory).

The slit has also been a trend on the runways, but don’t be scared to incorporate it into your daily outfits.  Try adding a jean vest over dresses to make it more casual or save it for a special occasion and spruce it up!

xo, Marcela

Dinner with Anna Wintour, racing with Anja Rubik

lets add some bright color into our lives! Wearing neon during finals might just do the trick in keeping you from crashing on top or your desk, and as a bonus, you’ll look completely put together and trendy during this crazy time.

Now, I wasn’t really sure about the neon trend when it first hit the runways, but after seeing different variations of it, I decided to give it a try with this neon tank top from Old Navy (a steal at $3).  I paired it with my Forever21 sleeveless trench to tone it down a bit, and I keep the rest of the outfit relatively minimal and simple.  Baby steps!

xo, Marcela

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girl gone wild

…with colors! (is it M.D.N.A or Madonna?).  Don’t know anymore, but I do know that color blocking has been one of the funnest trends to try.  A week back, Derek ( and I embarked on a photo-shoot with Colin, a super talented student with mad camera skills.

Photographed by Colin Prenger

I went for a bold approach (obviously) and I loved the end result.  I kept it casual by adding the trusted jean jacket, a serious wardrobe staple.  Color blocking is one of the trickiest trends to pull off because it has to be cohesive.  Try combining soft colors within the same color wheel first, for example mint with navy, then progress into diva territory.  Go for yellow and purple, orange and pink- be fun and fearless!

With the heat creeping up on us rather steadily, I suggest the outfits below for a summer friendly version.

color-blocking in the summer

xo, Marcela
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tardy for the party

Welcome to hell week!  Finals are here, and they brought along late nights and long days! Exciting isn’t?

Here are the last batch of photos from our 30×30 challenge, time to go summer clothes shopping!

Taking on this challenge for the second time was much more tougher than I had actually anticipated.  I realized that I actually have a lot of wardrobe building to do, and even though my bank account doesn’t look forward to that, I sure do.

Until next time 30×30, can’t say I’ll miss ya 🙂

xo, Marcela

In the home stretch

You all can give us the “worst bloggers ever” award, our posting (of lack thereof) is inexcusable.

Having only one camera at our disposal is challenging, but we are in it to win it now!

 day 16.

day 17.

challenging my inner Coachella chick!  The heat and sun made it even more believable...

channeling my inner Coachella chick! The heat and sun made it even more believable...

day 18.

the picture doesn't do this Old Navy neon blouse justice!  An impulse buy finally pays off!

the picture doesn't do this Old Navy neon blouse justice! An impulse buy finally pays off!

day 22. day 23. (can you believe it!? 7 more days!!!)

can't wait to go shopping....

can't wait to go shopping....

what are some of your recent purchases?

xo, Marcela

p.s. Check out my friends new blog !!!

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