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Wishlist Wed: Ignoring the Real

Wishlist Wed: Ignoring the Real
You know who loves shopping?
This girl.
You know who is completely broke?
THIS girl.
The sad truth has come to light, I make up countless outfits using items that are way out of my budget (some of my recent daydreams include this and this) but I recently found a solution to this horrible way of self destruction.
Splurge vs. Save options!
Take a gander at the options above, the cheaper items aren’t that different than the expensive version.  For a college girl who loves clothes too much for her own good, this is like a gift sent from heaven.
Research into the item you want and try to find a dupe, no one will ever know the difference :]
xo, Marcela
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Wishlist Wed-Spring Time Shopping

Wishlist Wed-Spring Time
      Even with the weather being unpredictable, I cannot stop thinking about shopping for spring time!  But my shopping trip must be delayed until April because the 30×30 challenge is coming up for March!  Not to worry, the deets will be discussed later.
       I love that a trend for this spring is going to be colorful and playful bottoms.  Personally, I am waiting for the coral-y colored AE jeans to go on sale, and I’m on the look out for cheaper versions of the floral print jeans.  Flats, espadrilles or heels, you name it!  This spring I plan to expand my collection of shoes, and move into brighter footwear.  Spring in Arizona is when you know to get prepared for summer, and I plan to enter summer in breezy dresses, long or short.  But isn’t that romper amaze as well?
What do you want for Spring?
xo, Marcela
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Four Ways-The Suit

Four Ways-The Suit
There comes a time in every young professionals life when you must buy the suit.  You know, the suit you saw hanging in your parents’ closet, the suit your elders wear to church, the suit you so dreaded seeing.  Yes, I’m talking about the business professional suit.  Career fairs are popping up all over university campus’ and it’s time for us students to show them what we are made of.  And we don’t want to show them cheap polyester blazers and worn down flats do we?  I was reluctant on the suit, it seemed so limiting and old fashioned but with the suit (although the pant is a skinner fit) above, I try to style it with a bit of flair.
Do you have your suit yet?
xo, Marcela
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