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I’m a brat, I’m a selfish punk, I really should be smacked

   Lets ignore the long absence and jump right into the stellar outfits.  Thats right, outfits-plural, because I have a fashionista buddy!  Introducing Derek, my Kirk to my Annie (wearitbothways.tumblr.com)

Dip dye has been my latest obsession, and its something easy to DIY as well.  Get ready because…the shirt below was thrifted and DIY’ed.  While you pick up jaw off the floor, let me explain the super difficult process.

1.  thrift a shirt

2.  getcha self some bleach

3.  find a cheap bucket and fill it with the bleach

4.  dip the thrifted shirt into the bucket and let it rest for 3 minutes

5.  wash and wear-repeatedly

Now wipe the sweat off your eyebrow because it was crazy complicated and enjoy our own version of wear it both ways!

Shorts: Old Navy (now on sale for $10!), Top: Thrifted & DIY’ed, Sandals: Old Navy

Be sure to check out Dereks blog! fromshoestospecs.blogspot.com!!!

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wishlist wed- update my closet

wishlist wed- update my closet

There has been a drought in my closet! haven’t been shopping in what feels like forever so todays wishlist wednesday is what my closet needs- go to outfits for any occasion!

Crochet dresses are a must for the summer (have my eye on this LC for kohl’s one!) but i added some funkiness with the boat shoe trend.

Every girl needs a modern dress reserved for sassy events and the Alexander Wang dress is calling me.  Paired with those super cute and super cheap Zara sandals and neon accents, this outfit just screams my name right?

The $50 BB Dakota dress is perfect for summer dates (with friends or your significant other!).  I chose the nude heels to elongate the leg and stand out accessories to keep the look interesting.

what do you need in your closet right now?  xo, Marcela

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Dinner with Anna Wintour, racing with Anja Rubik

lets add some bright color into our lives! Wearing neon during finals might just do the trick in keeping you from crashing on top or your desk, and as a bonus, you’ll look completely put together and trendy during this crazy time.

Now, I wasn’t really sure about the neon trend when it first hit the runways, but after seeing different variations of it, I decided to give it a try with this neon tank top from Old Navy (a steal at $3).  I paired it with my Forever21 sleeveless trench to tone it down a bit, and I keep the rest of the outfit relatively minimal and simple.  Baby steps!

xo, Marcela

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girl gone wild

…with colors! (is it M.D.N.A or Madonna?).  Don’t know anymore, but I do know that color blocking has been one of the funnest trends to try.  A week back, Derek (http://fromshoestospecs.blogspot.com) and I embarked on a photo-shoot with Colin, a super talented student with mad camera skills.

Photographed by Colin Prenger

I went for a bold approach (obviously) and I loved the end result.  I kept it casual by adding the trusted jean jacket, a serious wardrobe staple.  Color blocking is one of the trickiest trends to pull off because it has to be cohesive.  Try combining soft colors within the same color wheel first, for example mint with navy, then progress into diva territory.  Go for yellow and purple, orange and pink- be fun and fearless!

With the heat creeping up on us rather steadily, I suggest the outfits below for a summer friendly version.

color-blocking in the summer

xo, Marcela
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In the home stretch

You all can give us the “worst bloggers ever” award, our posting (of lack thereof) is inexcusable.

Having only one camera at our disposal is challenging, but we are in it to win it now!

 day 16.

day 17.

challenging my inner Coachella chick!  The heat and sun made it even more believable...

channeling my inner Coachella chick! The heat and sun made it even more believable...

day 18.

the picture doesn't do this Old Navy neon blouse justice!  An impulse buy finally pays off!

the picture doesn't do this Old Navy neon blouse justice! An impulse buy finally pays off!

day 22. day 23. (can you believe it!? 7 more days!!!)

can't wait to go shopping....

can't wait to go shopping....

what are some of your recent purchases?

xo, Marcela

p.s. Check out my friends new blog http://fromshoestospecs.blogspot.com/ !!!

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Wishlist Wed-Spring Time Shopping

Wishlist Wed-Spring Time
      Even with the weather being unpredictable, I cannot stop thinking about shopping for spring time!  But my shopping trip must be delayed until April because the 30×30 challenge is coming up for March!  Not to worry, the deets will be discussed later.
       I love that a trend for this spring is going to be colorful and playful bottoms.  Personally, I am waiting for the coral-y colored AE jeans to go on sale, and I’m on the look out for cheaper versions of the floral print jeans.  Flats, espadrilles or heels, you name it!  This spring I plan to expand my collection of shoes, and move into brighter footwear.  Spring in Arizona is when you know to get prepared for summer, and I plan to enter summer in breezy dresses, long or short.  But isn’t that romper amaze as well?
What do you want for Spring?
xo, Marcela
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Four Ways-The Suit

Four Ways-The Suit
There comes a time in every young professionals life when you must buy the suit.  You know, the suit you saw hanging in your parents’ closet, the suit your elders wear to church, the suit you so dreaded seeing.  Yes, I’m talking about the business professional suit.  Career fairs are popping up all over university campus’ and it’s time for us students to show them what we are made of.  And we don’t want to show them cheap polyester blazers and worn down flats do we?  I was reluctant on the suit, it seemed so limiting and old fashioned but with the suit (although the pant is a skinner fit) above, I try to style it with a bit of flair.
Do you have your suit yet?
xo, Marcela
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All Night Long

Can I just start off by asking if anyone else is experiencing some crazy weather in their current location?  Because us students are having a hard time keeping up here.  It was uncharacteristcally chilly when these pics were taken, but I jumped (literally) at the chance to bundle up.


But without any further introduction, I present you my diva floppy hat!  I got it at Target a few weeks back for about $5 and I knew I couldn’t pass it up.  Although I picked the worst day to debut it (it was rainy and windy) I thought I worked it.  It is a little excessively big, but it looked fabulous no?  I decided to wear it with a sweater dress and boots from Old Navy paired with my trusty jean jacket and Sunganos scarf (that I love…and might steal).

What are you dying to wear?

xo, Marcela

ps. Anyone keeping up with NYFW?  What collections are you obsessing over? (Today’s favorites were: Badgley Mischka, J. Mendel and Lyn Devon)

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Four Ways on a Friday

Four Ways on a Friday
    Yay for friday!  Check out those beauties huh?  Shoemint, shoes designed by the impeccable Rachel Bilson, have these new flats for February called Hattie and I MUST HAVE THEM.  The color blockage, thin ankle strap and bold hues makes it super covetable.  But at $79.95, they are prettttty steep…Time will tell!
xo, Marcela
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