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i need a soldier

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cheers to the weekend!

school is back in full force, and oh buddy, it is relentless.

To wind down and get my mind to stop thinking about theories and numbers, I plan to spend my weekend thrifting for an awesome army jacket.  These beauties are starting to pop up all over the place, and it wouldn’t surprise me if I came across these during NYFW.  Though places like asostopshop and zara are offering us the chic jackets, I’m pretty sure we can find other cheaper alternatives in a heap of used clothing somewhere in Goodwill!

If Goodwill isn’t catering to your thrifting needs, try my Plan B- look through Ebay and find a camo shirt in either boys big sizes or mens small for that oversized feel.

happy hunting!

xo, Marcela

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Wishlist Wednesday-Neon

Wishlist Wednesday-Neon
      Back to school time!  Although I’ve been at school for a week now, it’s hard to get back into the knack of things.  More school equals more time to procrastinate! Just kidding, but not….Arizona is back at it again with its weird temperatures and it’s getting difficult to dress for school.  Layers are crucial here!
      While reading my daily dose of WWD, Refinery29 and other blogs I’ve noticed that a big trend coming is Neon.  Personally, I think that this will be a really fun trend to try out because you have to be careful on how you wear it.  The pieces above aren’t a sore for sensitive eyes (I’m itching to buy the Topshop skirt and Juicy bracelet) and they key is to pair them with solid colors-such as white, black or gray.  Is anybody else excited to try the neon trend?
xo, Marcela
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