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i need a soldier

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cheers to the weekend!

school is back in full force, and oh buddy, it is relentless.

To wind down and get my mind to stop thinking about theories and numbers, I plan to spend my weekend thrifting for an awesome army jacket.  These beauties are starting to pop up all over the place, and it wouldn’t surprise me if I came across these during NYFW.  Though places like asostopshop and zara are offering us the chic jackets, I’m pretty sure we can find other cheaper alternatives in a heap of used clothing somewhere in Goodwill!

If Goodwill isn’t catering to your thrifting needs, try my Plan B- look through Ebay and find a camo shirt in either boys big sizes or mens small for that oversized feel.

happy hunting!

xo, Marcela

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wishlist wed- update my closet

wishlist wed- update my closet

There has been a drought in my closet! haven’t been shopping in what feels like forever so todays wishlist wednesday is what my closet needs- go to outfits for any occasion!

Crochet dresses are a must for the summer (have my eye on this LC for kohl’s one!) but i added some funkiness with the boat shoe trend.

Every girl needs a modern dress reserved for sassy events and the Alexander Wang dress is calling me.  Paired with those super cute and super cheap Zara sandals and neon accents, this outfit just screams my name right?

The $50 BB Dakota dress is perfect for summer dates (with friends or your significant other!).  I chose the nude heels to elongate the leg and stand out accessories to keep the look interesting.

what do you need in your closet right now?  xo, Marcela

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Wishlist Wed: Summer Sandal

TMSF: Summer Sandal

 Although these ankle strap sandals look a little painful, I can’t get them out of my head!  I was over the moon when Steve Madden introduced the nude sandals (top right), they are a pretty close match to the Giuseppe ones.
For ladies with shorter legs (aka me), try looking for thin ankle straps as they prevent making your legs look stumpy.
xo, Marcela
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four ways on a fri.-sweats

four ways on a fri.
Do you ever have those laaaaazy days? The days where you want to stay in your pjs all day and be completely unproductive?  Well, instead of wearing those embarrassing garfield pajama pants, I found a more stylish solution.  Those tribal-y sweatpants from LuLu’s are quite cute and will you look at that?  You can look put together, even when you’re feeling absolutely lackadaisical.
xo, Marcela
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Four Ways-The Suit

Four Ways-The Suit
There comes a time in every young professionals life when you must buy the suit.  You know, the suit you saw hanging in your parents’ closet, the suit your elders wear to church, the suit you so dreaded seeing.  Yes, I’m talking about the business professional suit.  Career fairs are popping up all over university campus’ and it’s time for us students to show them what we are made of.  And we don’t want to show them cheap polyester blazers and worn down flats do we?  I was reluctant on the suit, it seemed so limiting and old fashioned but with the suit (although the pant is a skinner fit) above, I try to style it with a bit of flair.
Do you have your suit yet?
xo, Marcela
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Four Ways on a Friday

Four Ways on a Friday
    Yay for friday!  Check out those beauties huh?  Shoemint, shoes designed by the impeccable Rachel Bilson, have these new flats for February called Hattie and I MUST HAVE THEM.  The color blockage, thin ankle strap and bold hues makes it super covetable.  But at $79.95, they are prettttty steep…Time will tell!
xo, Marcela
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